Don't take our word for it - here is what previous clients say about us

"I have worked with Kieran developing robotic process automation for processing applications for Housing Benefit. This software implementation was innovative and challenging to the traditional Benefit Service. It was highly complex with multiple stakeholders and involved multiple software systems. As such there were challenges to the current working practices, requiring Service redesign. As the Project Manager Kieran understood the deliverables and was effective being quickly able see and translate to the project team the bigger picture and required outcomes, which in turn means the project was not bogged down with competing stakeholders but focused on the requirements.

As with all good project managers he is an expert at chasing things up and ensuring that the project delivered to the required outcomes. Ultimately overseeing the creation of a ‘virtual team' of robotic benefits assessors which is now deployed on our contract, delivering the service and efficiencies expected for Cofely UK. "

Mick Ripley, Revenues & Benefits Product Lead

"Over the course of the past 6 months, I've had the pleasure of working with Kieran on one of the most exciting and revolutionary pieces of software projects our company has delivered. This has been the creation of a software powered 'virtual team' consisting of robotically empowered digital benefits assessors for Cofely UK. Kieran worked as the lead Project Manager for Cofely UK who outsource/manage the benefits administration for North Tyneside Council. As a consequence of this software implementation being innovative and challenging traditional methodologies of integrating systems, it was highly complex with multiple stakeholders, multiple integrating software systems and operational/service design challenges/ changes. Kieran was effective in ensuring that deliverables/risks were clearly understood by the relevant parties and through the use of agile methodologies mitigated potential issues before they occurred.

Benefits administration is hugely complex and takes many months/years to learn/master, yet despite this Kieran was able to grasp concepts/elements of process and intricate software specifics with ease. Indeed, it was some of his suggestions that enabled his client to be able to make decisions quicker with better outcomes. Kieran works methodically and is able to quickly see and translate to colleagues the bigger picture, which in turn means projects are not bogged down in the minutiae. As with all good project managers he is an expert at chasing things up and needless to say the project went live under his stewardship. I look forward to working on projects with him in future. "

John McMahon, Product Director
IEG4 Ltd

"I've worked closely with Kieran on a number of projects than have resulted in benefits for the Customer Service stream. Kieran project managed the extension of our automated telephony platform, where we have seen in the region of 46% channel shift in a short period of time. He also supported the operational team in their achievement of the Customer Service Excellence Award. In addition I've worked with Kieran on a number of cross cutting projects and improvements such as implementation of IEG4 eforms for Revenues and Benefits. Kieran is excellent at Stakeholder management, ensuring he gets 'buy in' and support from operational staff and enabling them to be part of the solution. Key for me is that he also delivers agreed outcomes within budget and to timescales. Where there have been risks Kieran has kept me fully informed and has provided the detail to make key decisions. Both myself and my team rate him highly and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him as one of the best project managers I have worked with"

Paula Harvey, Head of Customer Service

"I would recommend Kieran 100% as a project / programme manager for any company. He is one of the best project managers I have worked alongside in over 10 years, whilst delivering a multi vendor hosted infrastructure project over 6 months. Kieran with his wealth of experience he is able to provide a perfect balance of both being challenging and understanding with 3rd party suppliers to keep the project on track. He is very motivated to deliver his projects in on time, budget and meeting all the required acceptance criteria. I would welcome working with Kieran again ether as a colleague or in a customer supplier project."

Martin Burke

"Kieran is an excellent Senior IT Project manager. Whilst working on one of Kieran's flagship projects, I found Kieran to be highly motivating and constantly getting the best out of his team. One of Kieran's main talents is his dedicated focus to get the job done. I would highly recommend Kieran as a experienced project manager who consistently delivers successful projects"

Stephen Hackers, Infrastructure Specialist / Director
Hotwired IT Solutions

"In his role as IT project manager for Home Group, Kieran led the successful delivery of a new front office application suite, including Lagan ECM, telephony, WFM and knowledge management. Kieran managed all aspects of the technical solution, overseeing a delivery team consisting of contract, consultancy and Home Group resource. He also provided the bridge between the programme and IT operations within Home Group.

On a personal level I regarded Kieran as a trusted and valued colleague who epitomised the required work ethic to lead and deliver in a pressurised programme and project environment. He was extremely driven and committed and never once shirked responsibility. He was all too often the first person in the office and the last to leave. I regard his attitude and drive as one of the key factors that enabled so much change to be delivered In the organisation over such a short space of time."

Stewart Wilson
Partner at PwC

"Kieran worked alongside me for many years and successfully delivered many complex and technically challenging projects. Kieran promotes an inclusive and motivating environment allowing others to perform to deliver the common goal. Kieran’s work ethic is outstanding and his personal passion to see a project to its completion is a credit. I look forward to working with Kieran again."

Keith Woolley, IT Director
Home Group