Examples of Previous Projects

Listed below are just a few examples of both Business Change and IT Projects successfully delivered over the last few years, showing a depth and breadth of experience across a number of sectors

Production of Business Cases



KQM Services were engaged to write 3 business cases to help justify these projects as part of an overall larger programme of works. The detailed business cases included a review of the current systems and operations, requirements gathering for the proposed new systems, benefits calculation, costs for implementation, options appraisal and recommendations.

Business cases were written for the following –

A potential Dynamic Resource Scheduling Project to replacing an ageing appointment scheduling system
A potential CRM Project to record and provide contact history of a large volume of calls (to identify trends and potential vulnerable customer groups)
A potential Digital Communications Project to look at ways of reducing voice traffic into the Call Centres, by “shifting” some enquiries to on line self-services and look at potential improvements to the website and online self-services.

Implementation of new Microsoft RDS Infrastructure

Cofely / North Tyneside Council


NTC were implementing a new Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) infrastructure as the new deployment mechanism for publishing business applications to schools, primarily SIMS / FMS, MS Office 2013, Outlook 2013, Internet Explorer and a few other applications. The new RDS infrastructure was designed to accommodate a max of 1000 concurrent users and to replace a Citrix infrastructure which was end of life and the new system was also more cost effective.

The project had already been started for several months, however KQM Services were engaged to take it over and drive it through to completion.

KQM Services worked closely key stakeholders; quickly completed a project review, leading to a revised scope of works, identification of risks and issues, simple communications plan a more realistic and achievable plan.

KQM Services managed and motivated the internal resource to design, build, test and deploy the new system across 77 schools with approx. 750 end users. The deployment involved the logistics of managing a migration team to attend 77 schools and migrate all the end users from the old to the new system. The migration phase was successfully completed in an 8 week period.

Integration of Online Form With Backend System Using Blue Prism Robotics

Cofely / North Tyneside Council


KQM Services was engaged to take over a Business Change project to implement online revenue and benefit forms integrated with the existing backend system, (Northgate). This was part of an overall major Transformation Programme being completed by North Tyneside Council

There was two phases to the project.

Phase 1 was to implement a number of on-line forms by moving away from the traditional paper based forms to online versions and had already been largely completed.

Phase 2 was to complete the integration work by implementing robotic software (Blue Prism) to remove the manual keying in of the data.

KQM Services worked closely with the customer, assembling a project team comprising of a BA, revs & bens expert users, IT staff, key business stakeholders and the supplier.

KQM Services managed the whole project management process throughout, ensuring the project team understood what had to be completed, when it had to be completed by and doing the “normal” project management activities of actions log, RAID logs, plan updates, highlight reports, budgeting, managing and motivating the team, managing the supplier, managing the internal stakeholders, completion of the testing and go-live.

The project was successfully delivered and significantly reduced manual interventions and drove efficiencies of 20-25 minutes per form by removing manual data entry.

Citrix Infrastructure Project

Cofely / North Tyneside Council


NTC used Citrix to deploy the vast majority of their business applications to approximately 3800 end users spread across several different offices and sites.

A brand new CITRIX infrastructure had been built to replace the end of life existing system, but during the initial pilot stage it soon became clear there were a few issues and the new system was unusable.

KQM services were engaged to take over this high profile project, recover the failing implementation and manage it through to completion.

Working closely with the IT team, we assessed current state of the project, identified the key issues for the failure and developed recovery plan. We introduced some project structure and governance, strict change control, more structured testing and honest communications to the end users.

Once the system had proven to work for a small group of end users, we worked closely with the sponsor to agree a new and realistic implementation plan and also a communications plan. The implementation plan included a pilot group and review, followed by a larger extended pilot group and review and then followed by the major rollout to approximately 3800 end users. Each of the pilot groups was designed to fully test the deployment process and the system stability, which in turn led to customer confidence.

The project succeeded in delivering a stable, robust infrastructure.

Automated Telephony Payment System

Cofely / North Tyneside Council


KQM services were engaged to lead a Business Change project to deliver automated telephony payment system for housing rents and council tax. This was part of an overall major Transformation Programme being completed by North Tyneside Council

Working closely with the customer, we agreed requirements; established a small project team; developed detailed project plan; drove delivery of system development and workflows ensuring integration with existing legacy finance system

Succeeded in delivering project on time with new 24/7 system which achieved 45% channel shift and saved 4 minutes of manual processing per customer.

Migration of On-site Hosted Blackberry Service to Off-site Hosted Services



KQM Services were engaged to deliver a few projects, one of which is briefly described below

Project managed the implementation of a new externally hosted infrastructure for 3,500 BlackBerrys, migrating from an existing in-house supported solution to an externally supported solution with Vodafone.

This included a new hosted BES platform with a secure connection to the main corporate email system, the migration of 2000 devices and the purchase and roll out of a further 1,500 new Blackberry devices. This project also required the development and implementation of new support processes (with agreed SLAs) to deal with device and or system related issues.

New Integrated Contact Centre Project

Home Group


As part of an ambitious transformation programme, Home Group implemented a brand new customer contact centre

IS Delivery Manager for the delivery of a major programme of works (£4M) leading multiple projects to deliver a brand new 105 seat customer contact centre, including the entire IT infrastructure comprising cabling, new PCs, LAN and WAN, local server room, brand new ACD system and delivery of a new CRM system.

The CRM required very complex integration with the back end systems to support the customer processes and typically display customer details including name, address, payment history, arrears, contact history, etc. The integrations also had to provide a two way flow of information between the new front end CRM system and the legacy back end systems.

Agreed requirements with stakeholders; developed project plan ensuring alignment with wider £4m programme; established project team including external consultants; conducted tender negotiations for ACD system; and managed project through to delivery.

Housing and Finance System Rationalisation Project

Home Group


Project managed the migration of three different systems into an existing Housing and Finance system (Capita Open Housing) to provide one common system, with all data in one place providing a consistent view of all customers across all the business units. This also reduced the number of support contracts from four down to one.

Met with end users and worked closely together to understand their current workflows, business processes and their data and how this would all be mapped across into the single common system. Established project team, jointly developed migration plan; highlighted risks and issues with key stakeholders; developed training plan for staff using new system; and implemented in a phased deployment, one business at a time.

Successfully delivered migrations on time and achieved a single common system with one support and maintenance agreement

Major Infrastructure Refresh Programme

Home Group


Project managed a major infrastructure refresh programme (£5.8M) to replace and upgrade multiple legacy server infrastructure to Windows 2003, create a new single domain, complete refresh of existing PC estate, comprising of 3400 PCs (to create a single common image) across 520 sites, LAN and WAN refresh, installation of new HQ building with IT infrastructure (cabling, telephony, PCs, audio visual equipment) including a new data centre.

Successfully delivered on-time robust and within budget, providing a vastly improved infrastructure with a step change in improved reliability and customer satisfaction. The project led to a significant reduction in hardware vendors and support contracts, leading to reduced maintenance costs.