Project Management

A more in depth look into Project Management

Project Management

We provide practical and sensible end to end project management services that enable us to successfully deliver projects from inception through to operational acceptance and closure.

We continually strive to keep the project management as simple and as practical as possible and not over complicate things, ((whilst still applying best project management practice)

Typically this includes the normal range of activities across the project lifecycle, including –

• Working closely with clients to understand requirements
• Creating detailed Project Initiation Documents (PIDs)
• Risk, Assumption, Issue and Dependency (RAID) management
• Developing and maintaining Action Logs
• Developing detailed Project Plans, identifying critical path and other key dependencies
• Creating and maintaining simple and regular project meetings to track progress and ensure everyone knows what is going it (it really isn’t rocket science!)
• Resource estimation and profiling
• Developing and maintaining detailed project costs and financial reporting
• Developing and implementing test approaches
• Managing testing and training as required
• Developing and implementing “cut over” plans to deploy into production environment - absolutely essential for successful implementation
• Developing and implementing post go-live support plans
• Providing straightforward and honest project highlight reports to key stakeholders
• Completing Lessons Learned reports
• Completing Project End Report and project closure

We are available to work on short / medium / long term projects and can also provide ad hoc project management support.

We operate with sensible professional fees which will take into account length of assignment and location.

We don’t develop visions or strategies – we do the delivery of the underlying projects, (we can, however, recommend a partner company to develop these)

• We don’t over complicate just for the sake of it
• We don’t blind you with over the top PowerPoint, (which all too regularly tell you nothing anyway)
• We don’t hide bad news
• We don’t take on work just for the sake of it; the work needs to be credible and achievable in the time scales
• We don’t charge excessive day rates or expenses

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